It all started with my passion in jewelry design and creation. From conception to perfection offering the best products for my customers.

I am Martin Dautzenberg, Founder and Director of 2MN Company. We specialize in creating and developing high-end and custom design gold, silver jewelry.

I was trained as a goldsmith from Vakschool Schoonhoven in Holland where I started to learn and develop my skills in jewelry and gemology. Started to work in the jewelry production industry in Europe and Asia, I have more than 25 years of experience from several leading jewelry manufacturers.

I started my own company in 2010 offering premium and innovative jewelry production to customers around the World. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we have team of skillful craftsmen to create and develop product from idea to execution. The delicate craftsmanship starts from 3D drawing, casting, filing-assembling, stone setting till finishing process, with intensive quality control in every step.

I believe in committed customer service. I follow what customers need and whatever they desire We can make it happen.

I run the production day by day working closely with my team, combining high technology and classical techniques for contemporary and classic jewelry creations. My jewelry pieces are always with unique designs, innovative ideas, and different viewpoint with long-lasting value.

I devote myself to customer commitment, communication, trustworthy service and innovative product. Everything I offer to provide customers highest satisfaction. Because at 2MN Company, ‘Everything is Possible’.

-Martin Dauzenberg