We specialize in creating high-end custom made gold and silver jewelry pieces for our clients in Europe and worldwide. The marriage of outstanding quality fused with our characteristic creativity and enthusiasm has won us the trust of global luxury jewelry houses and leading jewelry retailers alike.

The company was established in 2010 by Martin Dautzenberg, a Dutch goldsmith and artisan with over three decades of experience of collaborating with premier jewelry manufacturers.

Martin began his lifelong passion by perfecting his craft and skills in fine jewelry and gemology in the Schoonhoven Vocational School in the Netherlands where he graduated with a degree in Gold smithery.

Subsequently, he proved his expertise and excellence in the jewelry industry in Europe and Asia.

2MN is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, we have a team of skilled craftsmen who develop custom made pieces from concept to the finished product. Our excellence is demonstrated by the implementation of intensive quality control in every step of the process: from sketching, 3D drawings, casting, filing, stone setting, finishing, and polishing.

The combination of sophisticated technology and classic jewelry making techniques results in pieces that evokes both a contemporary yet classic feel. The jewelry pieces are expressed through unique designs, innovative ideas, and a balanced and symmetrical approach. Our enchanting jewelry collection each possesses a distinctive style and individuality to suit the personal taste of wearers.

2MN is committed to providing stellar customer service and to ensure that our clients receive the highest satisfaction and excellence.


At 2MN, our philosophy of excellence is expressed through the supremacy in which each jewelry piece is handled – from initial concept, to design, and final production – reveals utmost care, exacting skill, and meticulous attention to detail displayed by our master artisans and craftsmen, to produce items of the highest standard and value.

This seamless approach fuses a rare combination of time-honored techniques, advanced research, cutting-edge technology, and stellar aesthetics – all strictly adhering with established industry standards and guidelines.

Here at 2MN, values such as discernment, client satisfaction, joy, charisma, authenticity, and imagination really count. These attributes, coupled with our reputation for outstanding quality forges us ahead in our quest to create exceptional jewelry of rare beauty.


We specialize in creating high-end custom made gold and silver jewelry pieces for our clients in Europe and worldwide.


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